How To Keep Your Dreams Alive

After a long week of a faltering computer, many hours of work lost and a whole assortment of other stressful issues, it is easy to lose a little hope.

How Do You Keep Your Dream Alive In The Hard Times?

My week hasn’t been that bad, not when in comparison to others.  Just browse Facebook a few minutes and you’ll get a healthy dose of recent tragedy.  Comparing your pain to others doesn’t really help though.  Your pain is yours and it feels very real, no matter how irrational it is.

Keeping your Dreams alive requires more than the tired adage “Don’t You Know There Are Starving People In China?”  Fortunately, there are methods you can apply that can actually pull you out of frustration, or even despair, and get you back on to those Philadelphia steps, running along side Rocky Balboa.

Your Brain on Emotions

Areas of Brain

Visual of BrainYour Brain On Emotions

First thing to do is to understand something about your brain.  Now, I am far from a brain specialist in any way, so I won’t be recommending a unique supplement or any surgical procedure.  What I will do is show you this really neat picture I stole from the internet to help illustrate the little I do know.

In the back of the brain is where certain old memories are stored, and in moments of discomfort, it is easy for us to revert to these old ways of thinking.  The reactions we feel do not include a broad perspective of the situation, and so it is difficult to choose a more beneficial line of thought.  At the front of our brain is where we can see more objectively, with wisdom and wider perspective.   So then, how do we get from the back of our brain up to the front in these moments of discomfort?

To climb up your brain, and to get back to achieving your dreams, you can do something as simple as rest your hand on your forehead.  Have you ever wondered why people put their hands on their foreheads when feeling down?  Excluding headaches, this is an unconscious attempt to engage the frontal lobe for a better perspective.  Just resting your hand on your forehead, or tapping your forehead to speed things up, will make a big difference.

Find Your Inspiration

Another way to get back to your goals is to sit back and watch something that will surely inspire you.  Sometimes, I just don’t want another dose of tear-jerking motivation, but if I simply stop what I’m doing and watch a quick video online, it can make all the difference I need.

A video like this, followed with a few Will Ferrel bloopers, will help get you out of most slumps.  It’s worth watching again and again, just to see how much strength it can fill you with.

And always remember, “if life gives you lemons, keep them, because hey, free lemons!”


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