3 Ways To Build A List

I’ve learned recently what most marketers intrinsically know already, and that is how important a list is.  For the noobs like myself, this is not a list you check off throughout your day but the list of people who subscribe to your blog, service, product, whatever.


If you’re involved in internet marketing, you probably already understand the importance of building a list.  Across many forums I’ve read today, it’s widely agreed that for online businesses, the money is in the list.

The problem with list-building is that most ways to do so are slow and tedious.  The most common, and very effective, way to build an email list is to offer something of value in exchange for an opt-in.  I have no pdf tutorial promising you riches by Wednesday, so until I do, I need to find ways to build a list fast and as easy as possible.


The first thing for building a list is to be set up with the two essential components:  a contact form and an email auto-responder service.  Your contact form is where potential leads sign in their email and your auto-responder service gathers the lead’s details so you can begin to build a relationship.

The hands-down best system to use for contact forms and auto-responders is AWeber.  Across the board, it is the most highly recommended system, rich with tools that I’ve only barely begun to tap into.  Check out AWeber here.

When you have the contact form and auto-responder ready, then we move on to these 3 easy ways to build a list fast…

1. List Builders

List Builders can get your website in front of a large audience.  A List Builder is a company that sends your small ad or article to thousands of people in their database.  The small ad or article you write is called a Solo Ad, which is basically a sales pitch in email format, and it will lead readers to your website.

There are many companies that do this and for a wide variety of costs.  I’ve used some for Affiliate accounts that sent an ad to 30,000 opt-in subscribers for about $30.  If you are a member of Directory of Ezines, you often get a discount of about 50%.  You can find out more about Directory of Ezines and the many tools and training tutorials they offer HERE.

There are also free services that typically offer a basic package at no cost, with the option for an upgrade to a much larger audience for a one time cost or subscription.

2. Facebook Advertising

I have used this twice.  One time it generated a few hundred new “Likes” to my Art Page and another time, it didn’t do anything.  If used correctly, it can be a great tool for gathering new subscribers.

Facebook advertising is very simple to set up and inexpensive.  Where it’s easy to go wrong is how you write the ad and to whom the ad is targeted.  Writing the ad copy is essential and good copy is an art form in itself.  The best advice, at least to begin with, I’ve heard on this is to keep your goal in mind and then keep it simple.

3. Marketing Systems

Another way that can work fast but does cost, at least initially, is a Marketing System.  Marketing Systems provide you with your own capture page that is customizable and they usually offer in-depth training on traffic-generating techniques.

To really build a list fast comes from an understanding of how to MARKET.  Obviously, to be a successful internet marketer, “Marketing” is going to be an essential skill to develop.  A Marketing System is created to instruct you and then leverage your skills and experience with that of others.  At least, this is how I understand it to be.  One system I’ve learned of is called MyLeadSystemPro.com.  I’m too busy still to look into it further, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has had success with it or any system like it.



To find out how these techniques work for me, subscribe to the right and I’ll let you know in a couple weeks.

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  • Kmiilo Torres

    since every single person in the world has an email address, building an email list is one of the cheapest, most cost-effective solution for doing that

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    This is a very useful article. Thanks for sharing.

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    What I like about MLSP is that you’re really only left with the task of driving traffic, everything else is pretty much done for you, awesome post by the way !

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    Hey Matt , joined with MLSP earlier this year and have been rocking it since. Great review

  • Ruthie Brown

    We all have unique talents we can exchange for a service. The key is to be really good at what you do, so people with influence will be more than happy to do the deal. As for social media, it has been a powerful marketing tool for me because I intend to connect with as many people as possible. People know people, and if you develop a caring connection with someone you leverage your presence like no other practice. The key is to make things personal, not business. Reverse the famous Godfather quote and you’re good to go

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    Good Idea. I’ll give it a try. Thanks

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    Remember to send the emails out on a consistent basis. Generate excitement and expectations

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    It’s a fantastic program for people who need more leads and training to take their network marketing businesses to the next level

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    My lead system pro I so agree with what you share. what a chance in a life time to get to use this system and build a network marketing business. I luv mlsp….Great review!

  • Alberto Ramos

    I have been wanting to build a list and start an email campaign for ever, but I just don’t know where to start. I have several Twitter accounts totalling well over 75,000 followers, but because I don’t require log-in on my website or blogs its going to be hard to get started. I’m finding it hard to find an incentive to offer for people to sign up. It seems like almost everything is available for free online now

  • Paul Farrell

    I have been seaching the net looking for a system that really works and i am kind of convinced about joining MLSP. MLSP has been a blessing to me and my family and… frankly… the system, leadership, training and community there has been a large part of our success. Great place to be